The Brownstones at Southlake Town Square is the first of a three-phase build out providing homes within a two-minute walk of offices, stores, restaurants and movies within Town Square. Extending east from Main Street the first phase is comprised of 29 townhouses - ranging from 2,600 to 3,800 SF – fronting a six-acre public park which preserves the largest and most significant trees on the 135-acre property.

Five basic, interchangeable plan and façade types were designed for the first phase, including four for the in-board lots and one for corner lot conditions with distinction among the in-board types achieved through the addition or subtraction of a bay at the first and second floor. A varied rhythm is created along the street with groupings of different facade types expressed as single houses. Additionally, readings of larger buildings are created through the use of variant single façade types.

The building details also help to distinguish units and create a more textured expression. The Brownstones at Southlake have corbelled and polychrome brickwork, and cast stone is employed for headers, sills, band courses and detailing.

A high-quality, pedestrian-friendly streetscape is maintained by locating parking and garages in the rear of the units, serviced by alleys. Arcades link the garages to the houses, but the two are separated by private rear courts. Many of the garage spaces also allow for a second floor that can be used as a guest suite, home office, recreation room, or other ancillary facility.