DMSAS is committed to cultivating a culture and atmosphere of inclusion. We work to ensure that all employees are made to feel welcomed, valued, respected and heard. We believe that it is important that each employee’s unique value is known and appreciated and that our employees feel a sense of belonging. We strive for gender diversity and inclusiveness in our workforce and to be equitable to people of all genders and gender expressions. Further, we are committed to the hiring, retention and promotion of racially and ethnically diverse employees and are focused on providing an office culture where all employees have the opportunity to be successful and represented at all levels of the organization.

At DMSAS, our design studio is a true studio; a wide-open, organic environment for creative architecture. From back of napkin brainstorming to scale models (yes, we do physical 3D models!), our projects come to life in full view of everyone in the studio. Everyone can witness our designs evolve and everyone can feel free to push, prod, question and compliment.

This spirit of discovery and teamwork is continued outside of the office, as our team uses Washington, DC as a living laboratory to study, explore and create. We provide a broad range of experiences and social activities, offer travel opportunities, and reimburse for intriguing educational programs and lectures. We maintain a diverse calendar of in-house lectures, presentations, and speakeasies to provide a unique office studio and culture.