Zara Naser Joins the Team


Zara Naser (re)joined the DMSAS family on April 3rd, 2017 after completing her Masters of Architecture & Masters of Historic Preservation at the University of Maryland College Park. Zara was the 2016 David M. Schwarz Architects Summer Fellow from UMD. Through the program she interned in our office for 10 weeks before traveling to Iran in support of her masters thesis, which focused on a proposed Iranian culture park in between the buildings of the former Iranian embassy here in DC.

Born and raised in Tehran, Zara has long been a lover building things (not just buildings). She was a woodworker in Iran, running her own shop which built furniture and decorative pieces. As Zara puts it,¬†“I like to think about creating something that people can experience and use in any scale, whether it is a chair or a building.”

Zara currently resides in Silver Spring, MD where she spends much of her time hiking, cooking and playing traditional Iranian instruments (the ney, daf and tonbak).

We are excited to have Zara back in the office! She is currently working on the Longwood Music Facilities Planning team.