Two New Designers Join the DMSAS Family


We are happy to announce that we have welcomed two new fantastic architectural interns to our staff! It’s our pleasure to introduce…

Andrew Packey

p1010175_cropAndrew Packey joined the firm on July 5th after graduating from the University of Notre Dame where he received his¬†Bachelor of Architecture with a Furniture Design concentration and minor in Philosophy. Andrew’s thesis topic was an investigation of the relationship between traditional masonry construction and modern steel construction in the design of a new passenger train terminal in New Orleans. He was subsequently awarded the Gertrude S. Sollitt Prize for Architectural Structure by the thesis jurors.

A newly relocated resident of Woodley Park, Andrew hails from Cocoa Beach, FL where he grew up surfing, swimming and enjoying the ocean. His love of architecture was inspired by the wonderful cities and buildings he experienced during his formative years while taking family trips around the country; particularly New York City and its wide array of styles and approaches to building design.


Bert Meekins


Bert Meekins will begin work at DMSAS on October 11th. A 2016 graduate of the Marywood University School of Architecture, Bert graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture. His senior capstone project focused on human movement tendencies based on discovery through architecture; how can human curiosity influence tendencies of exploring space – and moreover, to what degree can architecture dictate this?

Bert is a native of Bemus Point, NY, a small community adjacent to¬†Chautauqua Lake and a small state park. Its no surprise, then, that Bert is quite the outdoor enthusiast, spending much of his free time hiking, camping and kayaking. His love of architecture was sparked through the combination of his two passions – exploration and design. Beginning with LEGOs, then building make-shift shelters in the woods, Bert’s passions have evolved into a dedication to architectural design.