Trio of Team Leaders Celebrate 20 Years at DMSAS


David M. Schwarz Architects is proud to celebrate the 20-year anniversaries of three incredible firm leaders. President Gregory Hoss, Principal Sean Nohelty and Associate Steve Knight have all been recognized in the last month-and-a-half for their 20 years of leadership, mentorship and friendship.

As is tradition, Gregory, Sean and Steve all received a Rolex watch to commemorate the occasion. While many firms present watches as a retirement gift, we choose to celebrate their tenure while they’re still around.

The induction of these three into the ‘two-decade club’ brings the total count of firm employees with 20+ years of tenure to ten (out of 45)! We are honored to have had so many wonderfully talented individuals over the years.


Associate Steve Knight reminisces about his journey thus far:

“I am very grateful for the turn my life took when Karen and I moved to Washington to start work for DMS in 1997. What began as a 2 year plan in the big city after finishing graduate school in North Carolina has turned into a very rewarding run in my adopted community. Highlights include the privilege of working with and helping recruit so many wonderful colleagues and the opportunity to work with great clients and to contribute to some very special and lasting projects in Nashville, Las Vegas, Carmel, Charleston and Chevy Chase.”

“I am thankful to be part of a place that accepts me, my contributions and most of all my eccentricities.”



Principal Sean Nohelty reflects on 20 years at DMSAS:

“In early June 1997, barely a week or two after graduating from Notre Dame, I packed up my stuff and departed the Midwest for Washington, D.C. to begin my next venture in joining David M. Schwarz Architects. Twenty years later and I’m still here! It’s been quite the amazing journey and I’ve been beyond fortunate to work on a multitude of transformative projects for visionary and passionate clients, collaborating with genuine and talented colleagues, all the while under the wings of a gifted and thoughtful mentor David Schwarz.”

“I take great pride in the work that we do and the profound impact our sensibilities have on the lives of people across the country. It is an honor, privilege and a blessing.”


President Gregory Hoss, on the road ahead:

“My wish is that we continue to make the places we work better than we found them – and learn lots in doing so.”