Gregory Hoss Presents at Future Symphonies Institute Symposium in Seaside, FL


DMSAS President Gregory Hoss spent this past weekend in Seaside, Florida as part of the inaugural Future Symphonies Institute Symposium, Building Communities with Music. The three-day event brought together the country’s leading minds in urban planning, architecture and music to exchange ideas and generate a conversation about how music and architecture can influence and affect communities. The weekend’s festivities featured lectures and round table discussions from Andrew Balio, President of the Future Symphonies Institute and Principal Trumpet of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra; Andres Duany, Founder of the Congress of the New Urbansim and planner of Seaside, FL; and Léon Krier, noted architect and architectural theorist.

The event was capped off by a lecture from Gregory which engaged the audience in a conversation about the architectural evolution and change in concert hall design and purpose over the last 200 years. Entitled, From Garnier to Bastille, Gregory examined the context of the subject matter globally; concert halls as community assets and signifiers of art’s importance to a group of people, as well as locally; the design and functionality playing a critical role in the building’s acceptance, lifespan and ultimate impact.

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