The Dallas Morning News Says Dickies Arena is ‘Full of Texas Surprises’


“Fort Worth likely hasn’t seen anything like Dickies Arena in a generation,” raves The Dallas Morning News. In an extensive preview of the opening of Dickies Arena, the Dallas newspaper notes that DMSAS’ Dickies Arena is a “great mix of old and new” with “cowboy elegance” to elevate the music and sports scene in Fort Worth without forgetting the town’s Texas roots:

Stainless steel cutouts of three types of native grass decorate the upper level banisters. Light fixtures resemble giant Texas roses. The floor of the TX Whiskey Tavern is locally sourced mesquite. Hand-stitched leather panels adorn the walls of the concourse overlooking the arena.

“I think someone can come to this building over 40 times a year and still find different details in the facility that truly make it special,” Homan said.

Instead of a shiny dome or reflective modern glass structure, Dickies’ exterior blends seamlessly into the rest of the historic Will Rogers Memorial Center.

You can read the rest of the article and check out some excellent photos of the placement of the Dickies signage by clicking here to visit The Dallas Morning News website.