Rolling Stone Chronicles The Orion Amphitheater’s “First Waltz”


The Orion Ampither’s opening weekend brought acts from across the northern Alabama area to the venue. These acts, such as Brittany Howard, Mavis Staples, and Jason Isbell highlight what the impressive amphitheater means to a growing city with a strong cultural presence. DMSAS was proud to have hand in showing off by designing this venue Huntsville can enjoy for years to come. From Billboard Magazine’s write-up of the grand opening:

Huntsville has long been associated with its defense and aeronautics work at places like Redstone Arsenal and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, hence [The Orion] Amphitheater’s stargazing name. More recently, the city has been going through a cultural renaissance and construction boom as Alabama’s fastest growing city. For every new hotel, restaurant, and retail store popping up, there’s a construction crane hovering over another development site. The Orion is a bonus on top of it all.
“Building the Orion may seem random to people who have never been to Huntsville before,” says Ben Lovett, co-founder and keyboardist for Mumford & Sons who also serves as CEO of London-based venue development group TVG Hospitality. “But, when my band traveled to places that a lot of people would consider ‘random,’ we found that the most beautiful people and amazing examples of humanity exist in those places.”