Paper City Magazine Celebrates Bass Hall’s 25th Anniversary


In Fort Worth’s Paper City Magazine, author Courtney Dabney recounts the last 25 years of Bass Hall in an interview with DMSAS Chairman and Founder David Schwarz. Touching on the design of the building, the community’s ownership of the venue, and the effect of the pandemic on the performing arts, the two conclude that architecture and acoustics make Bass Hall stand out:

Of the Bass Hall auditorium’s classical opera house design, Schwarz says: “It is very European. We pride ourselves in what we call contextual design, taking into account the purpose of the building. Bass Hall is related to other concert halls meant to play music ― the European opera houses, symphony halls, and spaces intended for music and dance ― just like those built hundreds of years ago.”
Inside the theatre, you’ll find the grand lobby capped by a soaring two and half story vaulted ceiling. A central staircase leads to the mezzanine lobby.
Bass Hall has been widely touted for its impressive acoustics. Performers from Yo-Yo Ma to Tony Bennett have offered their praise. The performance hall’s multi-use adaptability ― transforming seamlessly from opera house to Broadway stage ― has been achieved without sacrificing the highest quality acoustic environment for each performance mode. Bass Hall is capable of seating 2,000 to 2,100 people depending on the configuration.
“People tend to relate the building to the music for which they are designed,” Schwarz says. “I’ve heard it said that the most important instrument is the building itself.”

To read more of the interview and view spectacular images of Bass Hall, visit Paper City Magazine’s website.