Curbed’s 21 Most Spectacular Theaters in the US


The DMSAS-designed Schermerhorn Symphony Center was recognized by Curbed as being among the coutnry’s top theaters. Curbed writes,

“Nashville might be internationally known for its country music, but this neoclassical concert hall proves that the Tennessee capital also boasts a thriving classical music scene. Located in downtown Nashville’s Sobro neighborhood, the venue hosts a wide range of musical events and is home to the Nashville Symphony.

The 1,800-seat venue, which opened in 2006, is one of the few to enjoy natural light through 30 soundproof windows. The design might look similar to the 19th-century concert halls of Europe, but the technology is anything but dated: An advanced system of movable banners and panels can adjust the acoustics to accommodate different musical genres and sounds. The concert hall also features a convertible seating system.”

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