The Southlake Trader Joe's is the first grocery store to be built in Southlake Town Square, the 135-acre mixed-use, downtown district we originally master planned in 1996. Sited just two blocks south of the Brownstones at Southlake and the future Parkview condominiums, the store is a welcomed amenity for the community’s growing residential population. Fronting on to Southlake Blvd, the main vehicular artery of Southlake, Trader Joe’s is equally accessible to visitors arriving by car.

A pitched roof overhangs the northern wall, leading visitors to the main entrance, and the street facade is enlivened with arches and brick patterns to address the pedestrian scale. On the north side of the building is a two-level parking structure which takes advantage of a natural depression to offer ample parking for customers without interrupting the street’s rhythm or aesthetic with an above ground structure.

The addition of Trader Joe’s marks an important step in the evolution of Southlake Town Square, offering a convenient and compact grocery option for Southlake Town Square residents now and well into the future.