The Palladium at the Center for the Performing Arts is the focal point of a large, new construction, mixed-use city center development project comprised of office, retail, residential and hotel uses.

The building is centrally planned with four equally weighted wings projecting from a central domed rotunda in order to respond equally to important neighboring development. Major entrances are incorporated into the south, east and west wings. The east and west entrances are outfitted with recessed covered porches at grade level: the east side faces the site for a future hotel and conference center and the Monon Trail, a popular rails to trails bike and pedestrian path; the west side faces 3rd Avenue and a plaza that serves as a vehicular drop off for events. The portico on the north side has architectural treatment equal to the other three, but does not have an entrance as it is built into a steep embankment facing City Center Drive.

The exterior is clad in Indiana limestone and is detailed, at the request of the client, in a more traditional architectural vocabulary that the design team stylized and refined to make more appropriate to the time in which it was built. Stylized geometric brackets support deep horizontal projecting cornices and all window and door openings are treated with robust ornamental surrounds.