The City of Huntsville envisioned a new 8,000 seat amphitheater inspired by the great classic amphitheaters of Greece and Rome. The Orion Amphitheater sits in a 40-acre park on the west side of MidCity, a new public-private partnership mixed-use development on the site of a former sprawling suburban mall.

Huntsville recognizes the importance a strong cultural arts and entertainment scene plays in competing for talented newcomers to build its STEM workforce. The 175,000 square foot amphitheater is a major attraction for artists and entertainers with state-of-the-art front of house, performance and artist support facilities. The city-owned facility provides a variety of locally-based programming and it is also available to the community for farmer’s markets, festivals, graduations and other public gatherings.

The elevated bowl features a pronounced rake, similar to Red Rocks, instead of a stretched lawn format, to bring fans and performers closer together with unobstructed sight lines. The horseshoe-shaped stepped seating bowl wraps a flat pit area directly in front of the stage. The pit can accommodate 1,500 people seated or up to 2,000 standing. The upper rear of the bowl is capped with a wide columned porch for VIP seating and amenities. The bowl is served by 2 levels of concourses outfitted with generous circulation areas, ample public restrooms and upscale food and beverage services. The main concourse is on center with the bowl and features a double-height area that will serve as the main entrance and exit for patrons.