In 1988, David M. Schwarz Architects began working with local property owners on a master plan study for downtown Fort Worth. The study encompassed more than 150 city blocks, but focused on the 36-block area at the center of Downtown, with special attention paid to historic Sundance Square. The long-term goal of the master plan was to revitalize downtown, bringing around-the-clock residential, commercial, entertainment, and cultural to the city center. After a thorough study, the master plan focused on knitting together the disparate areas of downtown through projects that would energize downtown and mend the broken pedestrian environment. As Fort Worth has grown the vision of a living downtown has materialized and residents live here with pride, DMSAS has been there every step of the way.


Since the completion of the original master plan, David M. Schwarz Architects has completed nearly two dozen major new-construction and renovation projects in Downtown Fort Worth. Those projects include a performing arts center, the first multi-family residential project in the city since WWII, a museum renovation, mixed-use projects, a library, a central plaza and more.