Based on the previous summer’s travels through Italy, our client desired a Tuscan-inspired villa, set in a hilly and wooded area near the Potomac River.

The house is sited toward the front of the property, addressing the street with a formal approach and entry. This allows the majority of the land to sit behind the structure, forming a large formal garden space, buffered by a surrounding wooded area which provides privacy. The use of curtain wall along the rear of the house allows this grand outdoor space to provide a dramatic back drop to the ground floor living areas.

This two story residence uses stucco battered walls, bay projections, and vertical window proportions juxtaposed to wide bracketed roof over hangs, limestone base course and horizontal banding. A contrast also exists between the light airy quality of the rear facade's curtain wall, and the solid masonry walls with punched openings. While formal in plan and massing, its details have been stylized.

The client requested two large entertainment areas on the ground floor. The Owner's extensive furniture and art collection are the focus within these rooms, therefore the interior detailing is held to a minimum. In addition to living quarters on the second floor, the program also required guest rooms, office space for both the husband and wife, sitting rooms and a play area for the children.

The result is a residence which captures the formal grandeur associated with an Italian villa, but with subtle detailing which keeps the spaces from becoming over powering.