The master plan for this development of a 105-acre tract adjacent to the proposed Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) creates an unusual pedestrian connection to the Center and visual connections to downtown Miami. The Intermodal Center links traffic of air, rail, automobile, bus and ship systems and is composed of stacked levels for arrivals and departures placing the Main Concourse forty feet above grade.

In planning the adjacent commercial development of office, retail, residential, entertainment and hotel buildings, we used the required parking structures to form a new ‘grade’ level which gently rises to the height of the Main Concourse. This parking plinth saves the cost of excavating parking and allows arriving passengers to walk directly onto the streets of the development. It also reduces surface traffic by allowing frequent access to parking and increases available parking space by extending the garages under the streets. Street slopes and intersections are designed to allow an ADA accessible path to all buildings.