Lake Las Vegas is a 3,500-acre resort community located about 30 miles east of Las Vegas. We were brought on as a consultant to review and make recommendations relative to the planning of this project. The project is centered around a 320-acre, man-made lake and includes three golf courses, residential home sites, several hotels and various commercial uses.

Our study began with a thorough analysis of the planning and construction that had been completed to date. Our initial findings suggested that the development lacked a coherent, overarching vision with much of the initial vertical development proceeding in somewhat piecemeal fashion. The plan was too reliant on low density housing sectors with little variation in product type.

Our recommendations included suggestions for a more clearly articulated vision for the project and provisions for more variations in densities and housing types, which would permit greater flexibility in responding to changing market conditions. Recommendations were also made related to modifications to the proposed road network, phasing, development of a series of street types, parking strategies, establishment of view corridors, concept designs for new residential unit types, as well as a conceptual design for a mixed-use, lakefront town center.