We have completed over a dozen expansions and additions at Cook Children’s Medical Center since completing the Main Hospital building in 1989. The North Pavilion is one of the largest expansions to date, providing space for 80 new beds. On the first and second floors the expansion includes a new Cardiac Care Unit, a new Pediatric Intensive Care Unit augmented by an outdoor, landscaped courtyard connected to the waiting area, as well as doubled capacity for the original Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The fourth and fifth floors are shelled to make further additions of patient rooms relatively uncomplicated.

New nursing stations are located on the upper floors. The Pavilion has both bedside nursing stations and traditional nurse stations so that patients can be closely monitored when necessary, while the nurses are provided with a common meeting place at which to exchange information.

A new Auditorium and Conference Center were built on the lower level of the North Pavilion to provide important new facilities for training and teleconferencing.

The exterior of the North Pavilion seamlessly continues the materials and themes of the original building: custom color glazed brick and Texas limestone, and a kit of parts based on a twelve foot module. Where the Pavilion abuts a street on the north, it is only two stories, with the five story tower held back from the street, giving pedestrians a comfortable, human scaled experience along that street. The new North Pavilion is massed as an outboard smaller tower connected to the main tower by a two story hyphen.