1133 Connecticut Avenue is a synthesis of design styles, where classic elements are related in a modern language to give a timeless appearance. This 12-story commercial building consists primarily of office space with a retail store occupying the street level, and was designed to meet the client’s variety of image needs. Contextual and object building coalesce in a unique alliance, to form a singularly distinctive identity. This goal was realized through careful layering of form and concept.

The building occupies a prominent corner on Connecticut Avenue, adjoining a series of exclusive shops with modern office buildings across the Avenue. The elegant Mayflower Hotel is on the corner across DeSales Street and every consideration was made to maintain a respect for its character. In order to unite these disparate styles, a classical foundation was first established with a traditional tripartite division. The curved shape of the corner provides visual impact when approaching The Raleigh, enhancing an object read while reiterating the bows of The Mayflower’s facade.

The building has two primary entrances, one directly on the corner for the store, and another at the northern edge for the office lobby. The office entrance is given the more formal treatment defined by a limestone bracket- supported pediment covering a two story arched opening.