Joe Rapazzo is a Senior Associate at David M. Schwarz Architects and works as a senior designer. Joe is a registered architect in the District of Columbia. He has a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Virginia and a BA from Brooklyn College, CUNY. In 1987, Joe started as a summer intern at DMSAS and has worked at the firm for all but five years of his career. He has participated in numerous projects at DMSAS both large and small, from Nancy Lee & Perry R. Bass Performance Hall to private residences as well as Dickies Arena and four of the residential colleges at Vanderbilt University.

As an undergraduate Art major at Brooklyn College, Joe studied drawing and anatomy extensively as well as photography. To this day he continues to paint and sketch regularly. Much of his work examines people inhabiting the built environment with an eye for underlying geometries and the play of light. The overlap of these interests with architecture led to Joe’s choice of a career.