Before he knew the word Architect, George wanted to be a “Lego engineer.” Later when he was a teenager, he worked for his neighbor and moved furniture at the beautiful Yale campus which practically abuts his hometown of Branford, CT. Then he studied Classical Architecture and Urbanism in the five-year professional Bachelor of Architecture at Notre Dame. George focused on environmental psychology and improving the quality of life for the community. During Notre Dame’s Rome program, George learned of the Genius Loci, or the spirit of the place, and the importance of contextualism in driving Architectural solutions. So it was almost inevitable he would work with DMSAS starting in January 2020. Here he has enjoyed working on a wide range of projects including the St. Charles Catholic Church, the Cook Children’s Medical Center, the South Lake Multi-Family Development, and the LA Angels MLB Clubhouse at the Tempe Diablo Complex. He also enjoys sketching buildings with his friends in the firm along with the rigorous theory discussion around the lunch table. In his free time, George likes to play piano and hopes to one day design a venue he can perform in.