27th Annual Community Improvement Day

DMSAS Outreach Update: 27th Annual Community Improvement Day

Every year DMSAS participates in Community Improvement Day which is a program run by the District of Columbia Building Industry Association (DCBIA) that works to transform public spaces in under-represented neighborhoods throughout Washington, DC into beautiful places that can be enjoyed by the community as well as surrounding schools and businesses. The chosen site is divided among multiple architecture, engineering and construction firms that work to rebuild and enhance their assigned “zones”. DMSAS has been involved in Community Improvement Day since 2014 and is excited to be participating again in 2019.

27th Annual Community Improvement Day

The 27th Annual Community Improvement Day will be focusing on a section of Oxon Run Park which is divided into 6 sub-zones assigned to different local firms. Oxon Run Park is a 150 acre park located in Southeast DC which features a high concentration of cherry blossom trees and hosts the annual Arbor Day Festival. Outside of cherry blossom season and festivals the park is not well maintained and its structures are rapidly deteriorating.

This year the associated firms are working with DCBIA through a series of design charrettes, community meetings and site visits on much needed improvements for Oxon Run Park. Some of the design goals include the rehabilitation of existing structures, creation of spaces for gathering and socialization, park paths improvements and restoration of existing sports facilities.

DMSAS- Zone & Design Process

The DMSAS design team consists of designers Sarah Bannerman, Zara Naser, Adriane Thompson and is led by Pradipta Banerjee. In tandem with the DCBIA design charrettes and site visits, the DMSAS team is designing more specific elements for their assigned zone, “2C”, which focuses on the barbecue and picnic area of the park. The theme for the area is “Gathering & Socialization” and the DMSAS team is working on improving seating options, securing the existing furniture and creating shade and lighting structures. The team is also looking into further defining the space using landscaping and sectioning off trash disposal areas.

Build Day

This year, the Build Day for Community Improvement Day will be on Saturday, September 21st. DCBIA and the DMSAS team are looking forward to working with all the volunteers at Oxon Run Park in creating a space that will be an asset to the surrounding neighborhood for years to come.


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