Craig Williams is a Principal of David M. Schwarz Architects, Inc., has been with the firm since 1979.  He received his education at The University of Maryland School of Architecture and was also an Architectural History teaching assistant. He has been registered in the District of Columbia since 1984.

 One of the things he most appreciates about being an architect is learning through our work about the businesses and industries in which he has interests – Lunn Gallery & photography, Beringer & the wine industry, Concert Halls & classical music and opera.

Craig is known around the office for his sardonic humor and has mellowed tremendously over the years. Outside of the office Craig spends time with his wife Kim and their Dalmatian Lucky and pursues his interests in black and white photography, wine and cooking multi-course meals for friends and family – the latter is an activity he especially enjoys because it yields a first-class, gourmet feast and accompanying oohs and aahs in a fraction of the time it takes to complete a concert hall.