Accommodating 129 rental apartments, ranging in size from 635 to 1,400 square feet, along with street level commercial uses, this new set of residences will further enhance the vibrant U Street corridor. The residential lobby will front onto U Street, flanked on each side by shop-fronts and retail entrances. Resident amenities include a club room, fitness area, below-grade parking, bicycle storage and a rooftop pool. The building’s location takes advantage of numerous public transit options including several bus lines and the U Street/Cardozo Metro Station located directly across 13th Street.

The building’s exterior design takes its cues from many of Washington, D.C.’s iconic apartment houses. Portions of the building’s U Street façade are setback above the 2nd floor, thus creating a series of narrower pavilions that sculpt the building’s massing and create an interesting rhythm along U Street. The massing of the wider, center pavilion is further articulated with two end-bays and a central oriel- projection that marks the entrance to the residential lobby. Two curving corners frame a second “front” to the building along 13th Street.