Angelica Ketcham got her architectural start by wandering all over Chicago, with a radius of exploration that widened as she grew. She developed an interest in grand public buildings, neighborhood planning, layers of transportation systems and how people move through space. Angelica completed her B. Arch. in 2023 from the University of Notre Dame with a particular emphasis on the modern potential for medieval town planning. The Notre Dame program enabled her to fine tune a repertoire of sketching, drafting, watercolor and 3D-modeling skills, and she served for three years as a 3D printing and makerspace consultant for the University. Angelica is always looking for new ways to combine two- and three-dimensional creative projects with her love of writing, and believes in the power of multimedia creativity as a vehicle for design. You can usually find her exploring on foot, making something with her hands, or trying to catch an idea on paper.